Redefining the
Practice of
International Trade Law

Our Specialty

Our Unique Business Model - We Do It Differently

RoybalGlobal P.C. specializes in assisting companies with international trade needs and issues. We help companies make sense of the myriad of complex import/export rules and regulations to stay in compliance - and in business.  We are committed to helping companies not only avoid costly and disruptive penalties, but also improve their international trade processes to maintain or enhance competitiveness and profitability.


While RoybalGlobal P.C provides legal and consulting international trade services to companies, we do it in a very different way.  Because of our unique business model, our cost is a pittance compared to traditional law and consulting firms.  We are not that!  Our clients, which range from large, internationally known companies that have big international trade staffs, to small businesses that have none, do not feel cost-constrained when they pick up the phone.


Offering Two Unique / Cost-Effective Service Offerings


As a result of our unique business model, we deliver cost-effective, prompt, correct advice/guidance on the full range of import, export, and compliance matters, via two unique/cost-effective international trade service offerings, and our clients both large and small love the way we do it. READ MORE

Our Philosophy

Sampling of clients engaged under unique/cost-effective service offerings:

We pride ourselves on being responsive to clients and their needs. We seek to establish close working relationships with each of our clients and to educate ourselves concerning the practical aspects of their business. In this way, we are able to analyze their problems in a business context and provide sound, practical advice and services.

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